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There are many Manitoba families for whom the financial burden of caring for their child with cancer has proved too much. Some families simply do not have the resources to provide for a burial for their child. Many families are also not able to benefit from any of Canada’s social assistance or support programs.
Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Support Group, through its Benevolent Fund, steps in to help financially struggling families in their time of need by assisting with the costs of the funeral service of their child. We support families who's children have received care at CancerCare MB.  

Application Process

All requests for support must be submitted by the child’s nurse or child life/social worker. We are not able to accept applications directly from families or those acting on their behalf that are not part of the child’s medical team.

The application form attached must be filled out in its entirety and  emailed to or mailed to:


Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Support Group

PO Box 48135 Lakewood PO

Winnipeg, MB  R2J 4A3

Financial assistance of a benevolent nature is provided for families who are referred by their nurse or social worker.

The completed application must be mailed or emailed to us by the child’s nurse or child life/social worker.

The Board reviews the application ensuring the information meets the requirements. 

Once a request for support has been approved, up to $1,000 will be paid to the family. We wiill send the cheque and a sympathy card to the family. No other contact will be made with the family.

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