2020 Childhood Cancer Survivor Graduate Madelaine!

Meet Madelaine! “Madelaine was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia just prior to her second birthday. She undertook a chemotherapy protocol for over two years. Shortly after this protocol she was diagnosed with an isolated CNS relapse where she then endured over three years of treatment, involving chemotherapy and cranial radiation. She completed this treatment in 2009 and is doing well. We are pleased to announce that she graduated with academic excellence from Glenlawn Collegiate Institute. We are so very proud of her.” Congratulations Madelaine! We are so thrilled to be able to present this $500 childhood cancer survivor graduation gift card to you! We wish you health an

2020 Childhood Cancer Survivor Graduate Andrew!

Meet Andrew: “In September 2004 Andrew was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia at the age of 28 months. Through 3 1/2 years of treatments Andrew had many ups and downs, met amazing people and beat his cancer. Andrew graduated from Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School June 2020. We are so proud of his hard work! We look forward to his adventures and accomplishments to come.” Congratulations Andrew!!! We are so thrilled to be celebrating with you and give you your $500 childhood cancer survivor graduation gift card! All the best in the future!


Thank you SO incredibly much to everyone who took part in our 2020 online auction!!! Every role mattered! From those who donated.... those who bid.... and the high bidders..... you all made it awesome (and so much fun)! You literally blew us away...... and we raised just over $44,000! With donations, we reached just over $47,000. We beat last years total, and we definitely didn’t expect that. So thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!!! We hope to run the next one from May 1-10, 2021. We hope to see you then!

2020 Childhood Cancer Survivor Graduate Katie!

Meet Katie: “Katie was treated at Cancercare MB in 2015 at age 13 for ovarian dysgerminoma. Surgery and chemotherapy were successful and now Katie is a proud, healthy survivor and 2020 high school graduate from St. Mary’s Academy. It’s been a journey! We are forever grateful for everyone who has helped Katie get to where she is today. We have good memories of going to the Candlelighter events Despicable Me movie and family camp in 2015. This summer Katie is training with Team Manitoba Rowing and working part time. In the fall she will attend first year Science at the University of Manitoba. We are so proud of her! We appreciate all Candlelighters does for families with kids going thr

2020 Childhood Cancer Survivor Graduate Kylie!

Meet Kylie: “Kylie was diagnosed with ALL on September 27, 2017. She was 14 years old. She missed that whole year of school. She started back at school September of 2018. She worked hard and completed her grade 10 and 11 school years in 2018 - 2019. Her goal had been to stay on track and graduate with her classmates. As well she took on a part time job. Kylie finished treatment February 14, 2020!! She is doing well! Looking ahead, Kylie is registered to start school at the U of M this fall and is hoping to go into nursing 😊 She is an amazing strong girl! On Friday June 19, 2020 her dream of graduating along side her classmates came true!” Congratulations Kylie! Two school years in one! AM

2020 Childhood Cancer Survivor Graduate Skye!

Meet Skye: “Skye was diagnosed with a rarer form of leukemia (AML) on October 20, 2015. Since chemo is very aggressive for this type of leukemia we spent most of 4 months living in the hospital (HSC). It was a hard time. The doctors and nurses were amazing. We got so much support from Candlelighters and from so many other sources. It made a really terrifying, difficult, and heartbreaking situation a little easier to deal with and we are thankful for that.” Congratulations Skye! We love how shocked you were to receive the $500 childhood cancer survivor graduate gift card! All the best as you go into nursing!

2020 Childhood Cancer Survivor Graduate Adam!

Meet Adam: “Adam was diagnosed in 2011 at 9 years old with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He is now 17 and a Graduate of Dakota Collegiate and his life is ahead of him, full of promise and adventures!” Congratulations Adam!!! We wish you all the best as you chase your dreams! We were honoured to present you with your $500 childhood cancer survivor graduate gift card!

2020 Childhood Cancer Survivor Graduate Dustin!

Meet Dustin: “Dustin was diagnosed with an extremely rare type of brain tumour when he was 16 years old. With only 45 known cases worldwide, the tumours are inoperable and chemo was tried but left him in bed 23 hours a day. Radiation was done and now..... we take it one day at a time.... one MRI at a time. We are blessed to have the incredible support of wonderful professionals and volunteers that work tirelessly to give us hope for a bright future. Dustin has aspirations of working within construction management at RRC and the gift he received will go towards the computer needed for this program in the fall. Thank you so very much.” Congratulations Dustin!! We wish you great health and

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