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2020 Childhood Cancer Survivor Graduate Dustin!

Meet Dustin: “Dustin was diagnosed with an extremely rare type of brain tumour when he was 16 years old. With only 45 known cases worldwide, the tumours are inoperable and chemo was tried but left him in bed 23 hours a day. Radiation was done and now..... we take it one day at a time.... one MRI at a time. We are blessed to have the incredible support of wonderful professionals and volunteers that work tirelessly to give us hope for a bright future. Dustin has aspirations of working within construction management at RRC and the gift he received will go towards the computer needed for this program in the fall. Thank you so very much.” Congratulations Dustin!! We wish you great health and even better MRI results! We are glad you will be using your $500 gift card to further your future goals!

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