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2020 Childhood Cancer Survivor Graduate Angela!

We are very excited to start sharing our 2020 graduates with you. Meet Angela. Here’s what her mom wrote: “At the age of 2 1/2 our bouncy, happy, curly little blonde Angela was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. It was the worst of the bad, stage 4... high risk... unfavourable... She endured more than a year of chemo, surgery, stem cell transplant, radiation, and oral chemo. Her biggest wish was to go to school. We were afraid she wouldn't even make it to Preschool. Her journey was not an easy one. She had so much love to help her along the way. Those same people who became family carried us through too. This June, that little blonde lady with curls walked across the stage to receive her High School Diploma! We are all so Proud of all her hard work!” We are also very proud of you Angela!! We are also proud to present you with your $500 gift card as a childhood cancer survivor graduate! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

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