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Childhood Cancer Survivor Graduate Katrina!

Meet Katrina!

“Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma - Optic Glioma. Katrina has completed chemotherapy when she was first diagnosed at the age of 3. After her second tumor diagnose in 2015 she completed radiation in 2016 at the age of 13. Because of the tumors, Katrina has lost all her sight in her left eye and has low vision in her right eye. Despite her sight challenges, Katrina graduated this June from Crocus Plains Regional High School in a regular program with Academic Honors, Early Childhood Education Honors, and Culinary Arts Honors Diploma. Katrina also graduated with the Choral Music Specialist Certificate! Katrina has been accepted to Assiniboine Community College in the fall!”

Congratulations Katrina! You’ve come such a long way! We wish you all the best and couldn’t be more proud of you! We hope you find something fun to spend your $500 Childhood cancer survivor graduation gift card on!

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