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Covid has been a real struggle for many charities. For us it’s not the fundraising that’s been a challenge, since we have been fundraising online since 2012. What we have struggled with since 2020 is that we can’t meet these families in person. It takes creative minds to come up with ways to be present in the lives of families impacted with cancer without risking the vulnerable kiddos.

Thanks to the support from wonderful people like you, here is what the fundraising has allowed us to do in 2021.

First and foremost, I am very thrilled to share that over $34,000 in gift cards went out to help families “in the battle”. This was dispersed in various ways including some of the following:

Children’s hospital cancer ward:

-3 parking passes

-$3500 in meal gift cards for families

-continued to provide snacks and beverages for families

We also provided the following:

-47 care packages to newly diagnosed children/families

-4 care packages to families whose child passed away

-3 grad packages to graduating childhood cancer survivors

-6 virtual events

This is just some of what we do. And we couldn’t do it without your support!

Thank you to all who support us and those who help behind the scenes. I’m so incredibly proud of the board, who continue to volunteer their time and energy to blessing these families. We are all volunteer, we have all been impacted by childhood cancer ourselves, and we all absolutely LOVE what we do!

Thank you for walking alongside us in this journey of making a difference!

Naomi Fehr

Board Chair

Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Support Group


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