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I’m pretty sure donations have pretty much come to a close, or close to. There are a few who mailed in their donations, so I’m going to venture to say that we reached a mind blowing $27,000!!! This will go far beyond meals during lockdowns. We hope to continue to bless the caregivers on the ward for quite some time. Not exactly sure what that will look like past the lockdown, but during lockdown, daily meals will definitely continue.

THANK YOU MANITOBA (and beyond) for blessing us and these families in this way. We see so much heart behind these donations. So thanks for proving yet again that we truly are friendly Manitoba!

For those who made donations, tax receipts will be issued in January 2023.

A special shout out as well to all who spread the word about this initiative and those who reached out to offer food. You make the world a better place!


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