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Considering that all of our board members volunteer their time, and all but one of the board work full time jobs, we sure got a lot accomplished in 2022! I am so thankful for this amazing group of people who give freely of their spare time to make a difference for other families who are facing a similar battle.

The most exciting part of 2022 was that we are back to having in person events! There is nothing quite like meeting these families in person.

Here are some 2022 highlights:

We changed the mission statement, added a vision, and changed the constitution to allow childhood cancer survivors to join the board.

We had 4 in person events including a movie event, summer BBQ, Teen event and Christmas.

Non in person events include the following:

20 Valentine’s Day goodies for the kids on CK5.

Valentine scavenger hunt/bingo.

180 Easter baskets delivered/bingo.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day treats for those who were on CK5.

130 Halloween baskets delivered/bingo.

39 birthday cards mailed out (new for 2022).

We continue to supply CK5 with the following:

Snack foods/coffee/tea for parents if children who need a pick me up.

3 parking passes so families don’t need to have those extra costs.

Meals through Covid lockdowns, thanks to the many donations that came in because of one families plea for help.

Hot meals once per week when CK5 is not in lockdown.

Pastries once per week.

We also try to supply other things on an as needed basis, including Amazon fire sticks, phone charging kits, gift cards for meals, and so much more.

Other highlights for 2022:

Over $35,000 in gift cards went out to help families with grocery/fuel costs.

53 hope blankets and gift cards went out to newly diagnosed MB families.

6 childhood cancer survivor gifts went out to high school graduates.

Sadly, we also honour those who we lost in 2022. We were able to help 8 families with funeral expenses after the loss of their child.

The impact that we make stretches far and wide. We can’t do any of this without our amazing support system, which is you. Thank you! Thank you for helping us bless these families! Thank you for trusting us with your donations! ♥️🎗️

Naomi Fehr

Board Chair


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