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“Sophia was diagnosed January 2009 with AML (acute myeloid leukemia) at the young age of 2 years old. She underwent five rounds of chemotherapy before finishing her last round in July of that same year. Only a short time later, she experienced heart failure due to damage caused by one of the chemotherapy drugs which resulted in her travelling to the Stollery Hospital in Edmonton and being put on a Berlin Heart (ventricular assist device). The goal was to have her eventually get a heart transplant, but after 20 months of waiting, her doctors unexpectedly realized her heart healed enough while on the Berlin Heart that she no longer needed one. At the time, the surgeon who worked on removing her Berlin Heart said she was a miracle and we continue to believe that to this day.

Sophia has continued to defy the odds and throughout all the challenges she's faced throughout her life, she's always worked hard to rise up to meet them. Sophia graduated on June 28th of this year, with honors and also received several academic awards including The Governor General’s Bronze Medal which is given to the student that has achieved the highest academic average calculated using both grade 11 and 12 marks.

Sophia will be attending the University of Winnipeg in the fall and entering in the Political Science program. We're so proud of her to just be able to graduate given all that she's been through, but to see her do as well as she has, makes us beam with pride!”

Congratulations, Sophia! You’ve overcome obstacles and surpassed expectations with sheer determination. May you you continue to reach new heights! ♥️🎗️


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