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When we started doing the fundraising auction back in 2012, much of our support came from family. Our group wasn’t well known, and we didn’t have a lot of money to support families. Agatha Wall did whatever she could to help us out. She spent countless hours baking, cooking and sewing in an effort to help us raise money. She always asked what else she could do. She had such a huge heart for our families because she herself was impacted by childhood cancer when her grandson Joshua was diagnosed, and later lost his battle. She saw how difficult a diagnosis is for families.

In 2022 at the young age of 81, she still managed to make 28+ cases of soup, 3+ cases of jam, 25+ pies, cookies, jean blankets, and so much more. She’s been doing this since 2012. Every year she says “ya know, this might be the last auction I have the energy for”, and each year she still killed it in the kitchen!

On January 22, 2023 we lost one of our biggest cheerleaders. This is a huge loss for our childhood cancer community. Everyone looked forward to not only “winning” her items, but also the visits at pick up time. She used every opportunity to not only make friends, but to be a friend. We appreciate everything she has done for our group! She herself brought in over $16,000 in the past 9 years. We are so blessed to have known her. Her presence will be missed by many and in many ways.

Agatha Wall (mom to Naomi Fehr)



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